NC – Friday, April 19th, 2013 – 6:30 pm EST

Many of the faraway fans I serve have been looking my way in the last few hours to find some level of comfort in the wake of an attack on the city we all love. I wish I had some answers. Our extended Red Sox Family had dozens of family and friends in the area on Patriots Day, and I had even helped some find tickets for the game yesterday. At this point it appears that all are accounted for at this time, even longtime members of TRSN who have moved back to the area. That said, the wounds in Boston are deep.

My heart is broken today, and the anger I feel is palpable, but I’m comforted by the amazing response I have seen. The good like us outnumber the evil, and we always will.
Word from a friend who runs a nearby hotel is that the Red Sox are still currently scheduled to return to Fenway on Friday night.
My guess is that if the game is held, there may be a few moving tributes at the ballpark before the game begins. I’m going to encourage the fans I serve to come out that night at 6:30pm to join me to visit, talk, comfort each other and keep an eye on the NESN broadcast of the 7pm game.
Wear your Boston colors to show your pride in that city we all love. 

Please RSVP now and then come join us in the Dining Room at Fox & Hound at 6:30pm on Friday April 19th for the NESN Broadcast of the 7pm Royals-Sox game from Fenway Park. We can lean on each other, and maybe our Olde Towne Team can put our focus back on the Toy Section of life, where we all prefer to exist, even if only for a few hours…

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